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Sanskriti Box is no longer accepting orders.  Thank you for your interest.

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Family is where life begins,

and love never ends

Hey Friends!  Welcome to the club!  It looks like you figured out the QR Code Reader and found the secret page for members only  so high five!   Want to see how we picked the contents of the Sanskriti Box?  Watch the video below to see us take you through the box.  Find out how we are storing our charms, using the flashcards, and more.  SPOILER ALERT, if you haven't gone through the box yet, do that first so you can have your own surprise.

Sanskriti Club Challenges

Each month we will have a challenge for you (and your siblings) to complete. Have your Mom or Dad post a picture of you completing the challenges on Sanskriti Box's Facebook Page or tag Sanskriti Box on Instagram to submit your entry.  Sanskriti Box Members can complete challenges and win prizes.* (Prizes will be sent with your next Sanskriti Box shipment)

Complete 3 Challenges - Key Chain Ring per kid for collecting your charms***  (Prizes to be finalized and pictures coming soon)
Complete 5 Challenges  - Free Poster per family***
Complete 10 Challenges - Tote Bag per family for collecting all your books***
Complete 15 Challenges - Memory Game per family ***
Complete 20 Challenges - T-shirt per kid***

This month's theme is all about family.  Family is so important to us and it's important to remember how much we mean to each other.

Step 1) Make sure you give your mom her gift, then give her an extra big hug for all the things she does for you every day.
Step 2) Gather your family together for story time to read Ganesh and the Little Mouse and In The Indian Night Sky.  They are 2 of our favorite books!
Step 3) Take a picture of your family reading one of the Sanskriti Box Books together.
Step 4) Make a circle around your parents just like Ganesh did in Ganesh and the Little Mouse.

Challenge #1 Entry  - Post Your Family Reading Time Picture

Don't forget to have Mom or Dad post the picture of you completing the challenge to enter.

Did you love Ganesh and the Little Mouse as much as we did?  Our Mom had a chance to talk to Ganesh and the Little Mouse author Anjali Joshi.  Watch her video to see what inspired her to write his beautiful story.